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Is Your Team Too Reliant on You? Here Are Six Tips to Cultivating an Independent Team

When you think about your current team, what words come to mind? Are they proactive, resourceful and assured? Or are they ambivalent, meek and needy?  

The success of any business relies heavily on the ability of its employees to work confidently and independently. So how do you, as a manager, promote these positive attributes within your team? 

Here are six tips you can use to cultivate a team of independent employees who will strengthen your business while achieving set tasks, goals and targets.

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How A Healthy Organisational Culture Can Result in Increased Profits

An organisational culture gradually develops over time and it is vitally important to the success of your business. As it is developing employees and business owners learn what is working and what is not. If a company sticks to a culture that once helped them prosper but is now outdated, they may have to face not-so-positive consequences. Doing what has ‘always been done’ is not a good idea in today’s fast-paced business world; it simply kills innovation causing the organisation to stagnate. When earnings go down and the company faces problems, managers often concentrate their efforts on the upper-level problems and not the deeply rooted cultural dilemmas.

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Local media shows its support for local authors

Business owners Troy Parsons (Podiatry Hive) and Greg Gunther (Your Business Momentum) each have quite a story to tell.

From hitting rock bottom, both personally and professionally, to building themselves back up while forming a genuine friendship, Troy and Greg have experienced dire situations that many people often find themselves in.

They knew their experiences, lesson learned, and stories could help and inspire others, so they collaborated and wrote, Feet First.

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Q&A: How to Get Your Business to Run Without You

Sometimes running your own business can be a little overwhelming. Your business is growing and you're taking on new team members, new clients, and sometimes expanding to new locations! With little training and experience, it can be hard to see the potential for your business to be more than what it already is.

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Invest in your team to see your business thrive

The success of your business depends on many factors. Undoubtedly the number one is the people you choose for your team. Without a strong, motivated and passionate team you will find your business limited. It’s important to recognise that your team is made of individuals who have all been shaped by their own circumstances and life experiences. An often-overlooked role of a leader is taking the time to invest in their people, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and help them develop their skills.

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