Aleksandra Vojinovic

  • Systems Specialist |
  • MBA & MA in Communications

Aleksandra Vojinovic
Aleksandra Vojinovic

As a certified SYSTEMologist®, Aleksandra has been trained and authorised to deliver SYSTEMology services – from group programs to done-for-you services. 

With over 15 years of experience in different industries, working closely with senior executives, clients and customers in several relationship management roles, and her Project management expertise, Aleksandra has developed to be an expert in helping our team and clients in optimising and improving processes and systems.

She is also a communication expert, passionate about people, and facilitating their effective communication through setting up optimal conditions and enhancing relationship-oriented culture where anyone can thrive. She believes that by putting in place the appropriate systems, any stakeholder will be able to communicate in the best way. 

She is a high achiever, lifelong learner, and advocate for providing quality education and personal development to everyone, and in her free time she is dedicated to volunteering and contributing to this cause.

Professional Accreditations & Memberships

Certified Systemologist
Certified Consultant
Trainual Official Ambassador
Project Managers Movement
SYSTEMology® is a registered trademark of SYSTEMology. Aleksandra Vojinovic is a Certified Independent Member of the SYSTEMology network.

Get to know Alex

  • Favourite Business Thing
    The people - Relationship management
  • Favourite Sports Team
    Juventus F.C./ Mercedes F1 team
  • Best Holiday Ever
    A trip to Lisbon, resulting in a powerful intimate experience of inexplicable connection to the city and its “saudade”
  • Hobbies
    Listening to music, dancing, reading, learning foreign languages, volunteering
  • Proud Moment
    Receiving the national Dean’s award (Australia wide) for academic achievement and contribution to the community
  • Favourite Movie or Book
    Before trilogy (movie), The Tartar Steppe, by Dino Buzzati (book)
  • Life Goal
    To achieve inner peace and enough wisdom to pass on, as a legacy that will help people develop and understand their potential. To grow and develop to the level that allows me to give more to the world.
  • Favourite Quote
    Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become. - Jim Rohn

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