Jayson Navarro

Operation Support Specialist

Jayson Navarro

Jayson Navarro

Hyperactive Ironman

Favourite Business Thing: Learning new skills and techniques to help the team
Favourite Sports Team: Chicago Bulls 1996-1998
Best Holiday Ever: Meeting Bal for the first time, best day ever!
Hobbies: Online games, reading, table tennis, badminton, and listening to 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music!
Proud Moment: Being a part of breaking the Guinness World record for planting the most number of trees in an hour in a single location here in Bataan.
Favourite Movie or Book: Interstellar (Movie), World War Z (Book)
Life Goal: To be successful and enjoy a simple but adventurous life
Favourite Quote: Don't aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference. -Denzel Washington

Joining an IT company at a young age as a data analyst and supervised 60 employees as a Department Head, Jayson developed professional office administration skills, time management and effective multitasking skills that allow him to solve and accomplish given task efficiently. 

Currently 3 years of working in a corporate setting, Jayson has a long way to go and is keen on finding ways to grow and learn new skills and techniques in every possible way he can.

His job involves administrative support and IT requirements of the business.

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