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Vanessa Passi

  • Marketing Coordinator |
  • MBA & MA in Marketing & Digital Management

Vanessa Passi
Vanessa Passi

Vanessa has over 12 years of experience working across different industries in Brazil, the US and Australia. With a results-driven approach, she has achieved professional growth, fostered time management skills and built up resilience through past and current opportunities.

Having lived and worked in different countries have enabled Vanessa to understand different perspectives within the world in which we live and develop a wide range of skills focused on cultivating effective communication and trust within relationships.

Vanessa has joined YBM as a Marketing Coordinator where she brings her creative and forward-thinking to connect with the audience and help them obtain awareness and knowledge on the value of the services YBM provides.

What Vanessa most enjoys about her work is being able to turn imagination into reality and use her creativity to make an impact on clients’ lives.

She loves writing, meeting and learning from people with different backgrounds and taking on new challenges. She is a high achiever and a team player, who’s always on the lookout for opportunities to expand her knowledge and capabilities.

A day to day in Vanessa’s roles involves researching and writing content to the different social media platforms, coordinating current and new marketing initiatives, managing online campaigns, and overall supporting the team with other admin tasks.

One of Vanessa’s biggest accomplishments was the Momentum Player Award in Q3 2021 in recognition of her outstanding performance. She was nominated by the team to be the recipient of the award for her initiative, dedication and contribution to the business. Vanessa is also proud to be YBM’s first in-house marketing coordinator and be involved in important and innovative marketing projects.

Outside of work, Vanessa loves spending time at the beach, practicing yoga or going for long walks in nature. She also enjoys catching up with friends, exploring and travelling to different destinations.

Get to know Vanessa

  • Favourite Business Thing
    The amazing people I get to meet! Working with a diverse team and learning from each other’s experiences and cultural backgrounds.
  • Favourite Sports Team
    Sport Club Internacional | San Francisco 49ers
  • Best Holiday Ever
    It’s very hard to pick only one as I love travelling and exploring the world! The most special ones were: New York with Mom, Hawaii with some of my best friends, and Bali with my husband.
  • Hobbies
    Travelling, spending the day at the beach or going for long walks around nature, yoga, reading, and catching up with friends.
  • Proud Moment
    When I decided to study abroad for the first time and moved to San Francisco, hardly speaking English, and not knowing anyone.
  • Favourite Movie or Book
    The wheel of life - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
  • Life Goal
    To always find a way to bring kindness and light to the people around me.
  • Favourite Quote
    “Live well, laugh often and love always”. This quote has a very special meaning to me and has helped me get through some difficult times.