Care Veterinary Group - Toowoomba

I think the best thing we ever did was to employ Greg to merge the two practices into a new entity because of what we've achieved. We made an enormous progression very quickly. Our financial performance has been excellent and I don't think we would have been able to achieve that on our own in such a quick period of time.

We strongly recommend Greg for anyone else who’s planning to go down the path that we have, which was acquisition and mergers of businesses and practices. I think Greg is in a very good position to advise other veterinarians on how to better perform in their business. On a financial level, the new business is growing 20 per cent as opposed to our original growth of about 6 per cent. That's partly due to the fact that the staff have been released and allowed to run on their own and with more structure. Certainly financially it's been very successful.

Hugh and Libby McIntosh
Owners, Care Veterinary Group - Toowoomba

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