Chiropractic Plus

Our experience working with Greg and Joshna has been positively transformational in many different ways. Before we got started with anything else, they got to know our company and the individuals that made our company and our practice.

Understanding who they were working with, what our needs were, how we manifested and how we operated as a company to really have a firm grasp of our goals and where we wanted to be. With that they started to cultivate the necessary tools and strategies in order to move us toward what it was that we were looking to achieve.

Our company has transformed in many different ways - inside our company structure, the way we interact with our patients and the way we are able to provide attention to our patients and deliver their goals has completely transformed as a result of modifications that we’ve made internally. Working with different KPIs, inspirational content, team building, the technical content Greg and Joshna bought in, for example utilising dashboard, all of it has been so valuable in a number of different ways.

We highly recommend them, they're not your typical coach. They will work with you hand in hand by creating realistic steps to see all of the changes happen.

Dr. Dov Pine
Chiropractor, Chiropractic Plus

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