Pivit Pty Ltd

Before we had Greg come on board Pivit was under its usual pressure and not quite getting things to improve on consistent basis. Since Greg has come onboard he has put us through a process driven set of tasks that has led to Pivit having a clear vision of where it is going and a feeling that the business is getting easier and easier to run. 

This has led to me being able to spend more time creating the vision for the future and steering the ship in that direction with ease. At the time Greg got involved I was personally going through a major upheaval in my personal life and my stress levels were very high, now I feel if something major was to happen I could handle it easily as the business is running so much better now. 

Greg acts a mentor and confidant that I can call on when I need someone with the right skill level, understanding of business and understanding of my business to discuss things, bounce ideas and lead the business to good quality outcomes. This is a very valuable asset for the Pivit business and me. 

On top of this he just keeps us all on task and accountable to what we say we need to do for the business. This keeps us on track and ensures that strategic decisions are continually being implemented. Pivit now has a clear direction and focus that is systematically being implemented, I am now working ‘on’ the business with the right team around me, a forward business opportunity pipeline and a business that has is in the best shape financially it has ever been in. 

All of this and I am handling it with ease. Just to top it off, Greg is just a great bloke to work with. Thanks Greg and your team. 

Peter Thompson 
Managing Director
Pivit Pty Ltd

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