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  • The UK team is now able to use the video materials and have a topline view of how things are done in Australia, significantly reducing travel costs.
  • Critical business information is now written down rather than being only on the heads of key personnel.
  • There is a shared responsibility for projects and an accountability structure in place to keep the business on track


Project Background

The client came to us with a motivation to create systems that would allow them to grow the business and scale it on the domestic market, as well as to replicate the successful practices in another country. They have been operating successfully for some time and an opportunity for growth has been presented to them by the increased demand. Mandatory regulations created an increased need for their product and the business saw an opportunity to cater to those regulations and expand its operations.

After the project, the client was able to prepare for expanding the business in the UK. The project resources remained available for the next opportunities, leaving the business owner considering a further expansion to one more market (which we are confident will be another great success for Safety Watch Australia).

Here’s what the business owner said about the outcome:

“I put this in front of the managing director in the UK and he was super psyched, he called back and said ‘This is a really great tool because now I’m able to get a comprehensive overview of what each part of the business looks like.”

- Dave Robson

<strong> Dave Robson </strong><br /><span class="uk-text-small">CEO, Safety Watch Australia</span>
Dave Robson
CEO, Safety Watch Australia

Our Approach

Here’s what one of their key employees said during one of our sessions:

“I just do what I do, and I do it without thinking. This is going to be interesting for me to put my thoughts down on paper, I just do what I do, and it just comes as second nature”.

- Emma White

The situation we discovered in the business was a great group of professionals with a lot of hands-on experience, but also heavily reliant on key individuals who were unable to delegate due to key person dependency. 

Some of the team members were doing such an amazing job, and they were doing it as second nature - making it difficult for others to achieve that standard. 

Key person dependency can be a threat to any business that over relies on one or on a few individuals. Adopting a shared knowledge mindset can help businesses to collect all kinds of valuable information and support team members and departments to communicate with transparency. This practice also encourages a company culture where everyone shares wins and lessons while guaranteeing that relevant business information is captured and documented.

Here’s is what the Momentum Systems team undertook:

  • Actions to extract the knowledge and document it so that everyone else can do the task consistently, to the best-set standard by the champions in the business;
  • Distributed the load of the project throughout the team to enable the business owner to work on the important strategic decisions;
  • Ensured all team members are involved in the project, which then helped to create team buy-in and further supported their continued use of such systems
  • Enhanced team accountability by simplifying and facilitating access to systems documentation

The Results

Our team of certified systems experts has helped the business get some more clarity in the next steps towards growth and business optimisation. The results from the 90-day systems documentation project helped the business increase its reliability, enabling them to train new team members and to delegate tasks with the certainty of a consistent outcome, taking away the key person dependency which was blocking the business from growing.

Here are the key results the Momentum Systems team helped them to achieve:

  • Solidified the business daily processes to support their growth and provide consistent products and services
  • Increased business reliability
  • Removed key person dependency 
  • Enabled growth

It was what I hoped for and expected, I know there was reluctance in the team to jump on camera and get that done, which is normal, but they seemed to have embraced it and got on with it, and that’s been quite good. I think it’s kind of an invaluable tool. It came at a time when we’re looking to replicate the business in the UK and it really came into its own and that for me was really valuable it paid for itself ten times.”,

- Dave Robson

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