Specialised Geo Pty Ltd

Greg brings with him a wealth of expertise in management consulting coupled with a high degree of emotional intelligence that he successfully leverages to identify and resolve our workplace challenges. Greg prepared for us a thorough plan to improve business processes and made overall due diligence and a comprehensive company evaluation and workable solutions to put important aspects of the business in order. 

Greg makes sure that strategies are being systematically implemented, thus we now feel more in control and are now working more ‘on’ the business with the right team who are committed to the business future, a growing business opportunity pipeline and a business that has is in the best shape financially it has ever been in post GFC. 

His dedication is apparent, and he has always been extremely quick to respond to our needs. Greg is a trusted advisor and I highly recommend his firm. 

Rachel Metcalf 
CEO Specialised Geo Pty Ltd

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