The Podiatrist

I have been working with Joshna for the last couple of years and she has become a vital part of our management team. Joshna has had a huge impact on myself personally and with my practice manager. A lot of consultants play at a high level and go missing when things actually need to be implemented. 

This is one of many areas that sets Joshna apart. She has provided us with a level of accountability and driven execution to the point where we have achieved more in the last 12 months of business than we have over the previous 11. That is saying something, because we had already achieved a fair bit anyway. 

Joshna is very analytical and has an amazing commitment to detail. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her and I cannot recommend her enough. Oh and she just a beautiful person to boot. 

Thank you for everything Joshna, from the entire team at The Podiatrist! 

Troy Parsons
The Podiatrist

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