Vision Health And Fitness - Toowoomba

Probably the greatest impact since starting with Greg is the direction where all of our business, life and family aspects of our life were heading.

There is definitely an increase in the bottom line of the business which is probably the main reason I started with Greg. We're working the same type of hours whereas before there was no direction in where those hours were going.

The difference is we are working more on the business. The opportunities have just started to roll from there, we are able to give more direction to staff and more direction to the business itself. So rather than having to go out and get those, or just hope those opportunities come, they're just rolling on now.

The way I describe (Greg’s service) is it's about having clear directions and also being more a business partner than a business coach. It's not about advertising, it's not about the sales, it’s not about three-for-one offers that other coaches have talked to me about. This is about having a clear direction of where you want to go and having clear structures in place and then everything else will flow from there. There's no fluff.

If you are serious about moving your business forward and growing your business in the direction that you actually want to take it, then I think the service that you need needs to come from an outsider. I've been an athlete all my life and I've always take the value of the coach in that and I think the business needs someone like that as well. I truly believe that there's some sort of internal system that has to be there for a business to move forward, a small business to move forward because the support's just not there.

Troy Morgan
Owner, Vision Health and Fitness - Toowoomba

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