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Stop Micromanaging: Teaching Yourself to Let Go to Grow

One of the difficult transitions for business owners is this transition from being a manager, bordering on being a micromanager, where you physically have to have your hands and arms into everything, versus actually leading where you want people to surround yourself with people who are very, very skilled in what they do.

Circulate and Connect

Being in circulation means that we're actually out in the business world, networking and meeting with people. This could be at a function, a networking event or even as a result of a proactive request from you to connect.

Issues shouldn't derail a meeting - here's how to avoid it

Today we will talk about the most common cause for a meeting to be derailed. It is very common that throughout the course of the meeting discussion we identify an issue in the business. And all too easily, what can happen is we find ourselves being very distracted and getting caught up in that particular issue, I am sure that you would agree that this can derail the whole meeting.

3 Effective Meeting Structures You Can Adapt at Your Next Team Session

A lot of businesses get caught up in meetings. And you know, the whole concept of even raising the issue or having a meeting can often bring a glaze over people's eyes.

So what are the actual meeting structures that we really need to think about?

Adding Value to your Team Meetings

It's a common for us to see people starting to glaze over when the subject of meetings is raised. The reason for this is that the meeting that they regularly participate in feel like a total waste of time.

Aligning your Team with your Core Values

Watch this video to learn more about what defines your core values and how can you get your team embody these and keep them alive in your business.

Defining your Company's Core Values

There's a lot of talk about values. And there is often questions around how important values are to developing culture in your business. Before we can think about how to leverage these in your business, we need to understand the different types of values.

Hiring the Best Fit for Your Team

We often hear from business owners that there's a real skills shortage out there, and while that might be true, we need to make sure that we get the best fit for your team. In this quick video, we are going to share three practical tips on hiring the best fit for your team.

Getting the Monkey Off Your Back

In this quick video, we are going to share the 5 top tips for getting the monkey off your back.

Onboarding People into your Business

In this video we are going to share with you the top three considerations to make sure that we're creating the best experience possible for our new team member.

Tips on Improving Communication in Your Business

In this quick video we are going to share three quick tips for improving communication within your team. 

Increase Accountability in Your Business - Part 2

Today we will look at part 2 of increasing accountability in your business.

In particular we will talk about understanding and implementing a functional structure.

Increase Accountability in Your Business - Part 1

Today we want to discuss increasing accountability in your business. We will share the four main areas that you need to be looking at.

Number 1 is looking at your team meeting...

Top 3 Tips to Turn Your Strategy into Action

Today we want to share with you our top three tips for turning strategy to action. Our mantra is implementation is everything. Without implementation, strategy is just a vision!

Do you own a business, or does it own you?

Today we ask the question “Do you own a business..or does it own you?”

How long could you leave your business for, and there be no impact at all on the profitability or how it functions?

Values Alignment: Having the Right People to Support your Business

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important aspects of running any business, and that's about having the right people in the business to support your vision. We want to share this simply yet handy tool that helps

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