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Tips on Improving Communication in Your Business

In this quick video we are going to share three quick tips for improving communication within your team. 

Do you own a business, or does it own you?

Today we ask the question “Do you own a business..or does it own you?”

How long could you leave your business for, and there be no impact at all on the profitability or how it functions?

Increase Accountability in Your Business - Part 1

Today we want to discuss increasing accountability in your business. We will share the four main areas that you need to be looking at.

Number 1 is looking at your team meeting...

Increase Accountability in Your Business - Part 2

Today we will look at part 2 of increasing accountability in your business.

In particular we will talk about understanding and implementing a functional structure.

Top 3 Tips to Turn Your Strategy into Action

Today we want to share with you our top three tips for turning strategy to action. Our mantra is implementation is everything. Without implementation, strategy is just a vision!

Values Alignment: Having the Right People to Support your Business

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important aspects of running any business, and that's about having the right people in the business to support your vision. We want to share this simply yet handy tool that helps

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