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Adding Value to your Team Meetings

It's a common for us to see people starting to glaze over when the subject of meetings is raised. The reason for this is that the meeting that they regularly participate in feel like a total waste of time. The meetings finish and there hasn’t been anything achieved.

To make this worse, once you come into a meeting with that mindset, it really will mean that it is a waste of time.

So what do we do about this?

The first thing we need to think about is, the objective of the meeting, what are the meeting outcomes that we're searching for? Clarity before you start will make a real difference to what occurs in the meeting.

We also need to ensure that every meeting has some actions defined. What do we need to do to actually take this to the next phase?

When capturing these actions, we need to attach a level of responsibility. Who is going to be responsible for seeing this action through? And the second part of this is that there also needs to be a definition of time. When do we need to actually have that done by?

To increase the level of accountability even further we really need to document these actions. To help with this we love using technology. One of our favorite tools for this, is a program called Asana.

Asana helps you define all of the things that we have just mentioned. You can capture the specific actions that need to be done, who's going to be responsible for it, and by when we need to have that action completed.

During subsequent meetings it is important to reflect back these actions, remove any obstacles that have occurred, note the progress that has been made and document any new arising actions.

Following a structure like this will ensure that your meetings are no longer a waste of time and are valued by those that attend. Everyone should now see that the meeting has purpose and that progress is being made.

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