5 Ways To Give Back This Christmas

5 Ways To Give Back This Christmas

Christmas can be a magical time of year and by giving back to others this Christmas, you can make a big difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

What can I do to help at Christmas?

There are so many wonderful ways that you can spread kindness and warm wishes to help others at Christmas. Here are five ways you can give back this Christmas:

  • Join B1G1 - business for good
  • Donate blood and give the gift of life
  • Support a local food or toy appeal
  • Visit a hospital or aged care facility
  • Sponsor a child through the Smith Family Appeal

Join B1G1 - business for good

B1G1 allows you to change lives every day, just by doing what you already do. Through your business you can choose to give to as many of the over 500 carefully selected projects as you like (starting with just one cent). You can give through your business for every chosen action. For example, when you sign a new client, you could choose to plant a tree, or give medical support to visually impaired people. You choose the donation type and amount.

This is a great initiative that allows you to continue giving through your business throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.

Here are Your Business Momentum, we’re humbled to have supported this amazing initiative and have made 541 giving impacts to date (with this number already higher since we first published the blog).

Donate blood and give the gift of life

A blood donation can help people from all walks of life. Whether someone has encountered a difficult pregnancy, had a serious accident, or has another medical condition which means they need regular bloody products to stay alive and be healthy, every blood donation can make a big difference. The Australian Red Cross is always looking for donors, but at Christmas time stocks of blood can get particularly low, so every donation really counts. Up to three lives can be saved from every blood donation, and it only takes an hour to donate blood. Add this one to your list in the lead up to Christmas - it could be the best gift you give someone this Christmas and really change someone’s life.

Greg is a regular blood donor and recently celebrated his 100th donation.

Support a local toy or food appeal

Supporting those who are less fortunate at this time of year is a rewarding and humbling way to spread kindness and embrace the Christmas spirit. Depending where you live, you will find a number of toy and food appeals to support.

We’ve put together a list of some fabulous toy appeals that you could support, with different locations around Australia:

If you’d prefer to support a food appeal or general Christmas appeal, then there are some wonderful initiatives throughout Australia. Here are a few that you could consider:

Visit a hospital or aged care facility

Visiting a hospital and spending time with patients with no family support, or visiting an aged care facility and spending time with the residents is a kind thing to do at any time of the year. However, taking the time to visit in the lead up to Christmas and over the holiday season is extra special.

You can offer to do Christmas craft activities, sing Christmas carols, or simply take the time to sit with hospital patients or the elderly. Hospitals and aged care facilities are always looking for volunteers and at this time of year, having people show you kindness and care can help to put a smile on those who may not have family or friends that live close by.

Sponsor a child this Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving

We hope that these 5 ways to give back this Christmas have you feeling inspired and ready to embrace the Christmas spirit. Surrounding yourself with those you love while giving back to your community is the perfect way to give back this Christmas.

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