Are you ready for change? Learn how to reset your business

Push the green button to reset the world

As a business owner or leader within a company, 2020 has brought about many challenges. But with every challenge, there is always an opportunity and by hitting the reset button in your business, you can look to the future with renewed energy and inspiration.

Will you build on this unique moment in time for your business, or will you return to your old ways and habits of the past?

Why should you reset your business?

Hitting the reset button in your business allows you to take stock of what is working, consider what isn’t working and effectively start fresh with a clean slate. Using the current pandemic as an opportunity to reset your business is the perfect time, as your business is currently experiencing change at a rapid pace already.

By using this time wisely, you can make important and critical changes to your business, that you may otherwise not have been able to do. You may pivot to utilising more video conferencing across your business (for both team meetings and with clients or customers), create new service offerings to meet client demands or adapt your overall business model. However hitting reset in your business may also include utilising hidden skill sets of existing team members, building out ‘how to’ videos and creating templates, documents and processes. There are many ways you can start fresh and create the business you’ve been dreaming of, but now’s the time to make the change.

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How to hit the reset button in your business

Once you’ve made the decision that you will not waste this critical time in your business and instead seize the opportunity, you need to work out how you will hit the reset button in your business.

Lead your team with a winning mindset

How did you and your team enter the current pandemic? Did you already have a ‘glass half empty’ mindset and immediately find any negatives or barriers within your business? Or did you adopt a ‘glass half full’ more optimistic mindset and greet challenges head on, knowing that you would need to be flexible, willing and able to adapt to change? Businesses who had strong leadership, with solid core values shone through the crisis and ensured their teams and business were ready for change or had the ability to change where required.

Business alignment = business success

When you look at each of the areas of your business, from your sales strategy, marketing, vision, values, team members or your overall business model, each area should be clear, concise, aligned and everything pulling in the same direction. Too often things become over complicated and lose the true essence of what the original goal or strategy for your business was. Keeping your business aligned gives you the best chance of business success.

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5 ways to hit reset in your business

Now you’re ready to reset your business, let’s take a look at five ways you can hit reset and provide future growth and opportunities for your business. As you work through each of the five ideas, start to map out the next twelve months and consider how your business currently measures up. Where are your gaps? Do you have the right capabilities? Where do you start?

  1. Don’t waste time during the crisis. Now is the time to think outside the square. Look at emerging opportunities, don’t be afraid to be bold or different. This is usually where the magic happens.
  2. Be realistic. While it’s encouraged to be bold and look at potential opportunities, it’s still important to be realistic about your vision and ideas during this time. If you continue to be busy during this time, completely re-writing systems and processes may not be possible. Be realistic about what you can achieve.
  3. Focus on your clients. Your clients should remain at the core of what you do. Listen to common questions that they’re asking you. How could you provide the answers to their questions in a ‘one-to-many’ approach, rather than ‘one-to-one’ time and time again. Allow your clients or customers to guide you when you consider new services or adapting existing services or products.
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you know you need to build the capabilities in your business, or create templates and improve your systems and processes, don’t reinvent the wheel. Access experienced support, so that you save time and money and can focus on growing your business, not in the finer details.
  5. Utilise technology to your advantage. There are so many ways that you can utilise the power of technology to your advantage in business. Develop ‘how to’ videos for your team, and your clients or customers. Provide options for future meetings (even after the pandemic is a distant memory), that allow you to make the best use of your time and resources. Create virtual support options or deliver services online where it is effective and creates a mutually beneficial outcome for you and your clients.

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Get ready to reset with a plan

Are you ready to reset your business? We can help you facilitate your recovery and reset planning and transition into a stable operating environment where you can:

  • explore new opportunities and innovations as we tread the new normal
  • focus on recovering lost business and evolving into potential new product and service areas.
  • focus on returning as a leaner, evolved business post the crisis where this is an opportunity to make major changes to the way you do business and the people if required.

Get in touch with our experienced business coaches today, who can save you time and money and guide you through the process with a plan.

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