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Thank You For Joining Us At Queensland Small Business Week 2018

Thank you for joining our online events at the Queensland Small Business Week 2018!

Queensland Small Business Week 2018 (QSBW 2018) celebrated the vital contribution small business makes to Queensland's vibrant economy with over 160 events being held around the state, supported by more than 6000 participants.

As part of this event, the team at Your Business Momentum hosted three 30-minute webinar series to give small business owners the opportunity to gain helpful insights and learn new techniques for growing and improving their business.

See below to watch or download the webinar recordings and slides presentations from last week’s sessions.

Know your numbers

Are you measuring the right numbers in your business

Having financial reports to track key numbers in your business is a must, but many business owners rely on these numbers solely to track performance. But can you lean on them too heavily? And in doing so, lose understanding of your key metrics?

Measuring numbers needn't be tough and provide you with some valuable insight into your business. Regular reporting enables you to make smarter decisions and achieve the outcomes you want.

Boosting your knowledge of the important numbers - the key metrics in your business - will help keep you in control and hopefully, profitable. It’s important you track the numbers which reflect what has happened in the business as well as numbers that predict what will happen in the future.

Watch as Greg Gunther and Joshna Daya of Your Business Momentum deliver tracking goals by focusing on the right numbers in your business.


New generation leadership

What you need to know to lead your people beyond 2020

Millennials currently account for 35% of the Australian workforce and are set to reach 75% by 2030. As businesses compete for top talent from the millennial pool, is your business geared to bring out the best in these younger workers?

One of the most overlooked responsibilities of a leader today is to grow our people. Is it possible that, despite good intentions, you’ve been accidentally diminishing the people on your team? Are we creating an environment where people are just there for their paycheck or are we creating a thriving, growing culture where people are eager to learn and experience growth? For this to work, it’s about both, personal and business growth.

Watch as Greg Gunther of Your Business Momentum explains:

  • Why millennials matter in the workplace
  • What is an accidental diminisher – could you be one?
  • How to amplify the talents around your business and effectively enable your people to utilise the full range of their intellect and capabilities

Now that millennials are becoming a major player in our workplace, chances are they will reshape the world of work. Are you ready?


Building a high performing business

Successful entrepreneurs are visionaries who work hard to build their dream business. But what people respect about their success is not only how customers line up to their front doors or their specific approaches to management, but their capabilities— the ability to reinvent, prosper and grow in these volatile and ever-changing times.

What are the ‘habits’ that successful businesses display over and above just ‘capability’ to translate them into success? How do they plug the performance gap? Investing time building capabilities alone is not enough to guarantee success. Businesses will only thrive if they adapt quickly to their customer’s changing needs and be the ‘best problem solver’ in the market.

In this 30-minute webinar, Joshna Daya and Wade Hatchett take you through both the business capabilities and high-performance habits you will need to bridge your gap to continued success.


The webinar series has been designed specially to teach you skills and tools that will help business owners succeed, grow and overcome difficulties.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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