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Aligning your Team with your Core Values

In this momentum bite, we will talk about Values and how we actually use those to run our business. We've spoken previously about the importance of values and the different types of values. We defined four types of values, 1. permission to play values, 2. accidental values, 3. aspirational values, and 4. core values, which is what we will focus on today.

Core Values shouldn’t just be developed and then put up on a poster up on the wall. They can make a significant difference to your business if they are used effectively.

We recommend only having 3-4 values and integrating these into the business so that everyone is aligned with them.

A great way to start this is to run what we call an alignment session. An alignment session informs the team what direction the business is taking and the progress that has been made towards those goals. It is also a great opportunity to run session around values so that people have a clear understanding of what defines the values and the types of actions or behaviors that display the core values in the business.

Values should also form part of every recruitment process that you undertake in the business. The questions you ask candidates should help give you clarity if the candidate aligns with those values. Asking for previous examples of how they have displayed the core values is a powerful technique.

Talking about the core values regularly helps people become more familiar with what they are and the actions that required to live up to these values. It is estimated that people need to hear things 7 times before they start to remember them, so regular repetition will help the team with this.

Our last tip is to ensure that reward recognition and performance discussion are based around the values. Utilising random opportunities to acknowledge team members and how they have displayed the values is a powerful way to reinforce the importance of what you expect.


That gives us 4 quick tips on using values in your business.

  1. Run a Values session as part of a team alignment
  2. Make sure that assessing the fit against your values is a key part of your recruitment process
  3. Talk about the values regularly in meetings or team training sessions. Keep them visible and top of mind
  4. Reward recognise and even manage performance and behavior using the values


Follow these for tips and you will soon see the benefits of embedding the core values into your business.

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