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Circulate and Connect

One of the things that's important for business owners to be what we call in flow or in circulation.

So what do that mean?

Being in circulation means that we're actually out in the business world, networking and meeting with people. This could be at a function, a networking event or even as a result of a proactive request from you to connect.

Typically, you'll be surprised by the connections that you make and the opportunities that present as a result.

We experience this ourselves and we see that with our client the most successful business owners have a proactive approach to this.

These new contacts can be valuable in so many different ways. They may have ideas or experience that we can utilise in our business, they may be able to connect us with people in their network who could become suppliers, clients or partners, or they may even present an opportunity for us to give a little back by sharing our experience and networks.

You should never be attached to an outcome when networking or meeting with a new contact. Approach this with a genuine desire to get an understanding of their world, just be present and engaged in the conversation. One big mistake we see is that people circulate with the sole purpose of finding new business.

Best practice is simply about being out there, having the conversations and you'll typically find that the outcome will be more valuable connections

And yes, there is always the possibility that it may translate into new business for you, and should that occur, it is business that you never would have received, if you hadn’t taken the steps to get out into circulation!

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