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Effective Listening - Hear What People Are Really Saying

In this busy and ever-changing world, I find that we can sometimes be consumed by our own thoughts, and what this does, it can impact our ability to effectively listen.

So I wanted to share today, what are my top three things that I find helpful for effective listening.

Number one, be attentive and present. This involves focusing on the person and truly listening to hear what they are saying, rather than listening with the intention to respond. I know we're all guilty of this from time to time.

Number two, clarify if you are unsure if you're unsure. By clarifying I mean reflect back. Often we can use things like “what I heard you saying was?” or “did you mean this?”. Often I find miscommunication happens because we haven't really understood what's being said.

Number three, don't interrupt. This is because it can frustrate the speaker and it will limit our understanding of the message and what's being said. Often interrupting can show that we really are not listening and we're driving our own agenda.

Start using these three effective listening tips today to become a better communicator, improve productivity in the workplace and develop better team culture.

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