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Increase Accountability in Your Business - Part 1

Today we want to discuss increasing accountability in your business. We will share the four main areas that you need to be looking at. 

Number 1 is looking at your team meeting structure. Far too often when we go into a business, we notice that they are either not having regular meetings or having meetings and that are unstructured and low in value. 

So our number one tip is having a meeting at the same time every week with the same agenda and keeping those consistent. Ideally there should be a clear purpose for the meeting and any arising actions should be documented and then followed up at the next meeting.

Number two is making sure that the business has a scorecard. Firstly, you need to understand what the critical numbers are that we need to measure. Making sure the scorecard is visible for everyone and reviewing these numbers regularly, is going to help you understand if you are winning or losing. The weekly meeting is a great time to discuss the scorecard.

Our third tip is making sure you have a system or a platform to hold people accountable. There's a number of different systems that you can use to create accountability when driving initiatives in our business. A few options include Podio or project management software such as Asana 

And the fourth and final tip is about creating the space for people to step up, grow and take responsibility. As the owner of the business we can often tend to feel that we need to have all the answers, and the natural response is to solve problems directly for them or do the work ourselves. 

What we are proposing is to create a space for them to grow, for them to think for themselves, to make mistakes and learn. Even though this can initial feel counterproductive, it actually allows them to step up. 

We regularly see with our clients that increasing accountability across the business can lead to significant shifts in engagement and job satisfaction for both the owner and employees.

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