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Tips on Improving Communication in Your Business

In this quick video, we are going to share some of our key tips for improving communication within your team. 

Number one, set regular structure communication time. Now, this is really important because it helps people understand what the key priorities in business are and how we’re actually tracking your progress towards these.  For my business, we have a mid-week huddle and an end of week huddle. This really helps them and on track but how things are going throughout the course of the week. 

Tip number 2 is keep connected with your team throughout the week. I know that we are all busy but checking in with how people are going with their workload and how they're actually feeling, is what I would call a non-negotiable within a team. Slack is a great little communication tool to be able to do this. 

Tip Number 3. Use a platform to manage workflow. I think the days are gone where we used to hand out post-it notes for things that needed to be done or give people verbal tasks or send emails for tasks that need to be done. A platform can certainly help be clear on what you're asking someone to do, the due date for this particular task and helps keep each other accountable for the things that need to be done in the business. 

So, to summarise my top 3 tips for improving communication within your new team. Number 1set regular structured communication times, Number 2 keep connected with your team during the week and finally, number 3, use a platform to manage workflow.

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