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Top 3 Tips to Turn Your Strategy into Action

Today we want to share with you our top three tips for turning strategy to action. Our mantra is implementation is everything. Without implementation, strategy is just a vision!

Number one. Break up your plan into bite size pieces. It is great to have long term visions and having 12 month goals and a 90 day plan, but to actually get traction in your business you need to transfer this into action.

Identify weekly bite sized pieces that you can hold yourselves accountable to. Implementing each and every week is the key.

Number 2. Set an accountability structure in place. Who is actually holding you accountable. If the answer is, it's just you holding yourself accountable, it's actually no one holding you accountable.

An accountability structure could include using a project management system like ASANA or holding a structured weekly team meeting. Whatever you use, be sure to report your progress on how you're actually tracking against your weekly strategic priorities.

Number 3. Engage your team. Take the time to actually share your strategy with the team whether it's through an alignment session or one on one. But if you share the strategy you're actually more likely to get buy in from your team.

In summary - the main points of turning strategy to action.

Number 1- Break up the plan into bite sized pieces and make sure you’re implementing weekly. 
Number 2 - set up an accountability structure to make sure that your weekly actions are actually being implemented, and you're being held accountable to this.

And number 3, engage your team by sharing the strategy with them – this will increase their buy in.

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