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Values Alignment: Having the Right People to Support your Business

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important aspects of running any business, and that's about having the right people in the business to support your vision. We want to share this simply yet handy tool that helps asses where your team are at. You can see here we've have a graph and it's broken up into two sections. The first section we look at the core values of your business and the second section is G/W/C. In this section You asses if your staff “Get it, want it and have the capacity or capability to do it”. Whenever you need to, complete a quick assessment across your team and determine how aligned they are to your business.

In the values section of the chart we assess each team member and determine if they are a +, a - or a +-. A + means that they display your core value the majority of the time. A - means that they don't display that value the majority of the time and a +- means that they display that value some of the time. When assessing John we might determine that with the core value of "We tell it the way it is", he displays that value the majority of the time, so we will give him a +. You continue across the board and then repeat this process with each of your team members.

The next step is to assess if they get their current role, if they want their current role and if they have the capability / capacity to do that role. You give them a tick or a cross in each box. A tick in each of these boxes should be a nonnegotiable. If they don't get it, want it or have the capacity and capability to do it, you need to determine if they are right for your business or if you simply have the right person sitting in the wrong seat.

Assessing each team member against Values and then GWC on a regular basis gives you the insights required to plan the support you need to provide, or the areas that you need to address. What conversations do you need to have with your team members or is there some coaching or training that you need to provide. Remember it is unlikely that the wrong person will do the right things consistently in your business. It can be difficult, however if you don’t address this promptly, the wrong person in your business can cost you productivity, impact your culture and brand and even cause frustration for the remainder of the team.

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