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Nikk Hughes

Nikk Hughes

Inspire Tribe
InspireTribe provide strategic and insightful mentoring, coaching and training that uncovers the unconscious limiting patterns of individuals who are seeking to be successful. They specialise in taking individuals and teams to unprecedented levels of strategic self-awareness and showing them how to use that awareness with volition. The results: Innovative thinking, purposeful action, synergistic collaboration and unexpectedly positive outcomes.

Nikk Hughes, Co-founder of Inspire Tribe
Nikk is a born leader and entrepreneur and is in demand as Australia’s leading expert in Scalable Emotional Intelligence Frameworks. Her hyper logical approach to emotional intelligence has led to ground breaking insights and delightfully practical applications. She has created world leading EQ training programmes that show leaders and their teams how to synergistically combine IQ and EQ in order to take themselves to extreme heights in both their business and personal lives.

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