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Susanne Bransgrove

Susanne Bransgrove

Susanne Bransgrove is recognised as a family office and family business governance expert and has been working in this sector for many years across various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the USA as well as the UK.

Growing up in Germany as part of a third-generation family business has provided her with a sound foundation for understanding the range of issues that arise when needing to balance the performance of the family office or family business with the differing needs of multiple generations.

Prior to specialising in this sector, Susanne has had a long and successful career in the corporate sector, including working for Commerzbank Bremen (Germany), Australia and New Zealand Banking Corporation (Australia) and Macquarie Bank (Australia), where she held a national role before starting her first business.

Susanne has deep experience in starting up and building successful businesses. In 2018 she was invited to provide mentoring and guidance to start-ups and founders in the University of New England’s Smart Region Incubator program.   

Her passion is to instill good decision-making processes, structures and communication frameworks. This is the foundation she uses when working with family offices and family businesses to better enable the interaction between the family and their major assets.

Being part of her own family’s single-family office, Susanne has worked tirelessly to gain her father’s recognition as a family advisor. She is finally starting to implement her experience-based processes and knowledge to create the family and business governance structures necessary to allow the family to successfully transition to the next generation.  This has been one of the most difficult assignments Susanne has been working on over the last 4 years.

Her family background, combined with a successful corporate career and understanding of what it takes to build successful businesses, along with her passion to support the human element involved in the family enterprises, provides Susanne with a unique blend of skills. This enables her to build lasting relationships and deliver meaningful outcomes for family offices and businesses.

Apart from her German degree in Banking and Finance and an Australian Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Susanne has also invested in better understanding human behaviour in general and families in business specifically. She is an Accredited Family Advisor with Family Business Australia and has been a speaker/panelist at many of their conferences.

A sought-after speaker and panelist at national and international events, Susanne has also been published in various national magazines, sharing her insights and recommendations for families who want to better connect with their family, the family office or the family business.

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