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Using LinkedIn to create visibility and opportunity

With over 3000 hours of Linkedin trial and error, Brendan shares with us his experience on why Linkedin is important and how to get the basics right first. 

Listen in as Brendan Goleby shares some juicy tips on using LinkedIn and how you can use it to connect and create visibility for your business, and hopefully unlock a few doors and create some opportunity for you as well. 

Wade: Thank you for taking a few minutes out with us to watch Momentum Talks. I'm Wade Hatchett, Strategic Business Coach at Your Business Momentum. And today we've got Brendan Golbey from Welcome, Brendan.

Brendan: Thank you, thanks for having me.

Wade: No problems at all. Really excited about today's topic, and the more and more we interact with business owners, we see that it's very much around the connections they make, meeting people and you know, seeing what opportunities present. And that's really what we'll be talking about today.

But before we get started, I will just give you a quick introduction to Brendan. So Brendan over the last few years has built a personal brand for himself based on the philosophy of helping businesses to connect and meet. During this time Brendan has built Toowoomba's largest LinkedIn group had a series of hugely successful business networking events and is the go-to person for the local business and services. Brendan's also the co-owner of a local business directory and currently also works as a new home sales consultant at Gordon Bourke Constructions. Additionally, he was also named in the top hundred Most Influential People in Toowoomba. Once again, really appreciate you being with us. 

Brendan: Thank you.

Wade: So the purpose of Momentum Talks is really just to share valuable content with business owners and to introduce you to specialists who can potentially help you overcome some of the challenges that you might be facing in business.

So today, as I mentioned, we're really been talking about LinkedIn and how we can use that to connect and create visibility for your business, and hopefully unlock a few doors and create some opportunity for you as well. So where I'd like to start, Brendan is just going to question around, you know, what's crazy, or an amazing statistic and relevant to LinkedIn, that others may not know.

Brendan: And probably say the first one that surprised me a lot is that as of November 2018, there's 10 million LinkedIn profiles in Australia, which is, you know, out of the 25 million people who live in Australia, it's quite a substantial amount. So sort of 60% of the people in Australia have a LinkedIn connection,

Wade: Wow, that's huge. Just shows what opportunity there is to connect with, you know, a whole range of different people across the whole country, in a range of different industries as well. So opportunity seems limitless with that sort of number. Mate, just want to expand on what you're known for in this space.

Brendan: So within the Toowoomba business ecosystem, I'm definitely known for sort of being the Mr LinkedIn of Toowoomba, you know, I've definitely got myself a, I guess there are nearly 9,000 local Toowoomba people who are directly connected to me on LinkedIn. So that probably my claim to fame. But it's also around, you know, creating LinkedIn events, and creating, you know, business networking events that are face to face, that allow people to not only connect, but also meet and, you know, create opportunities between each other. We've done, you know, a series of breakfasts where we have sort of between 900 people, and also a series of after-hour events where we've had anywhere between two and 400, people attend.

Wade: Yes fantastic, the interactions that we've had in the past and know that LinkedIn plays a critical role in getting those events off the ground. And also, you know, really getting people to connect with each other. So just shows how powerful that can be.

Brendan: Definitely, Yep.

Wade: And what's two or three of the major issues that arise for business owners, when they really starting to build that LinkedIn profile and you know, connecting with other potential, you know, business owners or service providers, things like that.

Brendan: So I'd probably say the first thing around LinkedIn is that business owners don't seem to spend enough time really trying to create a LinkedIn profile, that will actually start bringing people into their profile to actually dig a bit deeper. So it's very important to have a really good headshot, it's important also put a bit of time and effort into a quality headline, you really want to create a headline that to a certain degree talks to your ideal audience.

Secondary to that is really trying to make sure you fill out as many different parts or sections of your LinkedIn profile, each one of those sections, essentially create has, you know, words and, and paragraphs that are then searchable via Google. So you'll find that depending on what you put into your LinkedIn profile, will have a bit of a, I guess, an impact on the amount of people that come directly from LinkedIn, directly to your profile.

But what most people don't understand is that if you google your name, most likely LinkedIn is one of those very highly ranked pages attached to your name in most cases. So then, from a LinkedIn point of view, the second part of that is we noticed that business owners often lack engagement on the platform. So you know, you'll find that they've got a lot of participation for maybe a week, and then months and months ago past and they've got, then they'll come back to it. And they'll be participation for a short period of time, and they'll go away again. So it's actually about trying to create consistency on the platform, which actually creates ongoing visibility and top of mind awareness about your services.

The third thing I'll probably have to say is that, you know, a lot of business owners are very fearful to connect or send connection requests out to the LinkedIn community, where people may know, or people they don't know, I'd encourage, just to sort of drop that fears to a certain degree. And understand that, you know, you might get between six and eight people, or three out of 10 people that you used to send a connection request out to six to 10 will connect, you know, generally within that month.

Wade: Yeah, look at, suppose it's no different to have a face to face event, you know, you never know out of that six, or six or eight people who's actually going to respond and the potential opportunities that could present for your business as a result of that. And so it's really about just taking that first step and connecting and seeing where it leads from there.

Brendan: Yeah, definitely.

Wade: What's one action that a business owner could take to create better visibility, or even as I said execute on some of those opportunities that present by connecting through people on LinkedIn?

Brendan: So I guess, there's multiple ways to create connections on LinkedIn, the one that I found to be sort of most successful is going to you sort of local business networking events, and meeting people face to face at those events, and then basically following up with them afterwards. And really not you not following up with them from a sales perspective, you follow up with them from a, you know, it was great to meet you the other night. And it'll be great to sort of connect and continue this relationship moving forward. So I think it's really about trying to offer ways that you might be able to help them in the future, rather than sort of sticking your hand out for a sale, I guess.

Wade: Really interesting. I spoke with someone the other day and business owner and they're almost even giving away the business cards, and really just using the social media as the point of connection and keeping it from started that way.

Brendan: And I think that's pretty common, I guess. Now, like with LinkedIn, the great thing is that as people transfer and move between their career between different roles, LinkedIn is generally the only one that stays the same. If you had, you know, say, a mobile number, an email address for one business, and then suddenly they moved to another business, that probably leaves that email address would stop working, and maybe that phone number stays with the business. So you'll find that you'll quickly lose track of these people. Whereas LinkedIn actually allows you to sort of maintain those connections, as you follow through with your career as well.

Wade: Yeah, that's a great point. What's a valuable resource, or piece of content relevant to networking or social media or LinkedIn, that you can share that really want to help a business owner get started with LinkedIn?

Brendan: So probably the first one that comes to mind is there's a company that's owned by LinkedIn, it's called And is basically a repository of training videos. And inside that sort of group of training videos, there's plenty of, I guess, expertise around LinkedIn and social media, you can jump onto their website, I think there are some 14 or 30 day free trials available on their website. So it's a matter of just sort of jumping on there and maybe having a look through some of the LinkedIn training that's available. And some great training by a lady named Vivanco von Rosen, which is where handle looks at as well.

Wade: You know, look, I've used it in the past, that is a fantastic resource. So good call out. Now, I mentioned earlier that one of the whole reasons we put together momentum talks is really just to add value to business owners. And what we're finding whether, you know, in a connected a social event, or you know, talking to another business owner, sometimes some of the best little hints and tips come from the software and the apps that I use and really all those tools are to make people's lives a little bit easier. And we figured that if something works really well for you, it can work well for someone else. So mate I love to know, what's your best piece of software or app and obviously, we're talking LinkedIn here but in addition to LinkedIn, what's something else that you use, that can really make a big difference?

Brendan: Yeah, there's plenty of apps that we use on a day to day basis. But probably one that sort of comes to mind a little bit is an app called Quik, by GoPro. And with that particular app, it allows you to take multiple photos or videos, you know, maybe it's during a networking event or something like that. And being able to sort of, I guess, in a way, smash all those photos and videos together into a little bit of a sort of slideshow, top know video that you can actually then share on social media. And it's sort of by tagging in, you know, potential those people that you met during those events, which is sort of another way to sort of create, you know, sort of more reach and visibility on social media.

Wade: That sounds interesting, I know that a lot of people struggle to put together the videos and things for social media. So we'll certainly be giving that one a try. Thanks for that.

And from myself and the team at Your Business Momentum, I just wanted to say a really big thank you for your time. I know everyone's really busy. And people that are watching this, I'm sure you can see that the passion that Brendan has for connecting people and business owners and really opening up the opportunities that sensor. And we've spoken about LinkedIn. So what a great opportunity, reach out to Brendan and connect with him on LinkedIn. And I'm sure that you know, you'll see some of the great content and connections that he has on that space as well. So from us, Brendan, I really want to say a huge thank you.

Brendan: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Wade: Also, for those that are watching, if you have found this useful, and we'd love you to subscribe to Momentum Talks, and we will love to get specialist on that can really add value to business owners. So if you'd like to receive these in the future, please just subscribe.

And we're also always on the lookout for a really quality specialist so if you go a mobile service or a message that you think you can use to really add value to a business owner then we'd love to hear from you. So that's it for this edition of Momentum Talks. Brendan, a huge thank you from me and the team and so until next time, all the very best.

Brendan: Thank you.

  • Brendan Goleby

    Brendan Goleby

    Over the last few years, Brendan has built a personal brand for himself based on the philosophy of helping businesses to connect and meet. During this time Brendan has built Toowoomba's largest LinkedIn group had a series of hugely successful business networking events and is the go-to person for the local business and services.

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