Feet First is here! Want to read the first chapter?

For the last eleven months, I’ve been working on an important project. You may have heard a little bit about it already, but I’m excited to officially announce the launch of my book Feet First, written with my friend Troy Parsons.

This book tells the story of two ordinary people who overcame their struggles to achieve success. It’s the story of how Troy and I learnt to take back control of our lives after failures, and both went on to build businesses we are proud of.

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Here’s something about me that may surprise you…

You probably know me as the entrepreneur and strategist behind Your Business Momentum. However, it's taken me many years and setbacks to reach this point of success.

The first business I ever launched quickly failed due to my lack of experience and research. I lost everything including my home, my savings and my pride. The sense of failure I felt at that time was hard to recover from, but one day I came to an important realisation.

While setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of life, they don't have to determine our future. I had a choice to make – continue to feel sorry for myself, or take control of my situation and begin to move forward. Everything changed the day I had that epiphany.

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What does it mean to be free?

Everyone has a different definition of the word freedom. Freedom may mean living the life you want, pursuing your passion, working in a profession you love, among many others. For most of us, freedom to do what we really love is one of our highest priorities.

What does freedom mean to you?

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Why Millennials Matter in The Workplace

Here’s the truth: A millennial will have your job soon.

The millennial generation, those born between 1980 and 2000, are now entering the employment sector in large numbers. As the youngest working generation, millennials have the opportunity to shape the future workplace.

It is estimated that by 2020, Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. In Australia, they currently account for 35% of the workforce and are set to reach 75% by 2030. This emerging generation is gradually changing the way businesses manage their workforce.

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Q&A: How Can You Harness the Power of Millennials in your Business?

Millennials currently account for 35% of the Australian workforce and are set to reach 75% by 2030. This emerging generation is gradually changing the way businesses manage their workforce.

As businesses compete for top talents from the millennial pool, is your business geared to attract, develop, and retain young workers?

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