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How to be a Successful Leader

business leader

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a successful leader? What you do every day, and how you communicate with and empower your staff are key ways to help you succeed. Some things you already do every day, without even thinking about them. Other things require consistency and encouragement.

Not everyone is born to be a leader though, and being a successful leader can take time and patience to practice and develop. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities a leader should possess.

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What is a business coach?

Like many business owners, you may have wondered ‘What is a business coach? What does a business coach actually do?’

A business coach really gets to know what makes you tick. They support you while helping you bring out the best business owner you can be. A business coach works closely with you to help you grow your business faster and provide you with the tools and expertise you need to succeed.

Here at Your Business Momentum, we help business owners live more enjoyable lives, by getting them out of the day-to-day running of their business. 

The best in the world have coaches. Find out if you need one.

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3 Ways to Help your Business Grow this Year

A new year. Fresh starts. A world of opportunities. Now that you’re back in the office and ready to take on the year ahead, it is the perfect time to reflect on the past year.

What were the highlights, the achievements, the lowlights, or the things that at the time you would have rather forgotten?

It is important to remember that you will experience positives and negatives in your business and that both elements can help you to grow your business in the long term.

Let’s take a look at three ways to help your business grow this year, and give your business some real momentum.

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Coach your Team to Peak Performance

There’s no denying it! When it comes to business success, your staff are the determining factor between success and failure.  
Employees are your greatest asset because of the knowledge, interpretations and judgements they make for your business every day and the relationships they have with your customers. But these attributes are not something you, as a manager/owner, can easily measure or monitor. They are intangible metrics.  
However, there are ways you can coach your staff to generate positive behaviours and ensure business success.

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How to Get Buy-In from Your Team, and Keep It

You have a great idea for your business and you’re ready to move forward with it… but do you have buy-in from your team to actually make it happen?

Research has shown that 70% of all organisational change efforts fail, and one reason for this is business owners simply don’t get enough buy-in from their people for their initiatives and ideas.

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Developing your Systems and Processes? Here’s One Fundamental Shifts to Start With

Systems and processes.
We all want to do it. Some already have done something about it. And a few have mastered how to really put it into action. 
So where does your business fit? Here’s a quick test. If you are away from your office for like 2-3 weeks, would your business run as normal? You’d probably say you can’t, because you’re a key person in your business and you can’t be away for too long.
There comes a time for most business owners when they realise that they no longer want to be the KEY person in the business. Because being the key person means being tied to the daily chores in the business and if they stop, everything in the business stops.
And we want to change that. 

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3 Tips to Ensure Your Employees Execute your Strategy

Some of the most brilliant strategies developed are only worth the paper they are printed on if they aren’t executed well, specifically by your front line employees who are interacting with your customers daily. Nowadays, employees are being asked to execute strategies which are unfamiliar to them having been curated by top management.

According to the founders of the Balanced Scorecard; Robert Kaplan and David Norton, only 5% of employees understand their company’s strategy.

So how can you help frontline employees understand and drive your company’s strategy?

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