These are the famous words of one of the most skilled and respected people in the field of design, Dieter Rams.

Of course, this holds true in almost all aspects of life. Sometimes, these are the questions tagged as ‘dumb’. Why bother asking the question when the answer is generally thought to be obvious?

These ‘dumb’ questions however, often bring an insight that stretches our thinking and imagination. Yes, the answers may astound us, provoke us or even scare us a bit. But the fact that we extend our senses beyond what we see implies our eagerness to be aware of what’s going on within and around us.

All businesses strive to increase revenue and who doesn’t want that? It’s a common goal for any successful venture. So whilst a selling strategy workshop is our standard prescription, I always say to my clients, “Have you looked at how you can reduce your expenses? Have you looked at how you can decrease your business waste?” These issues need to be addressed to maximize the profitability of your business.

As entrepreneurs, working with an independent set of eyes is vital. We need to be able to see the things that our customers usually miss. We understand that when people are close to something, they can often be blind to obvious problems. This intuition for our customers’ needs can take us a step ahead of their problem. That’s a huge leap in leading them to identify the solution.

What do your customer’s need, aside from what they think they need?

Who knows, maybe that single question can create an insight that may be truly valuable to your business.

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