“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”~ Charles Darwin 

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Mindshop conference in Brisbane about my business coaching practice. For the last five years I have been working as a business coach, mentor, non-executive director, and investor. As I looked back on my years working in both the corporate sector and in my own business, I realised that things have changed enormously.

In business, change sometimes happens more swiftly than we expect it to. New technologies arise, economies shift, and market trends vary. For some, change is seen as a threat – one that has the capacity to bring the business to a halt. But other businesses embrace change, and for those businesses, growth lies ahead. My experience has shown me there is always opportunity in times of change. Change is inevitable. The challenge is how we manage change to make the most of it. So how do we do it?


The need for change can be brought about by both internal and external factors. Recognising that a change is necessary for your business is the first step. Ignoring or delaying that need can prove costly. The Internet for instance has changed how our customers decide what to buy among the numerous products and services that are available in the market. Google call this online decision making the Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT.  If you have previously heard of ZMOT, how do you perceive it in the context of your marketing strategy? How do you see its impact on your business? There is a need to diagnose, define, and understand what the change is all about before you act on it. This will enable you to determine what you need to do next in the scope of the identified change.


You cannot change if you do not want to change. Change comes only to those who seek it. More often than not, we are intimidated by the uncertainties that often come with change. Change requires us to go outside our comfort zone. Awareness of the need for change needs to be coupled with the strong desire in order for change to happen. During the last few years I have seen the rise and fall of many businesses. At times, the old transforms to  the new – family businesses are handed over to the next generation, businesses restructure, expand or diversify into new markets.  The bottom line is, change in business is inevitable and we need to embrace and manage change in order to move forward.


How ready are you and your business to embrace change? Do you really have what it takes to change? After establishing your need to change, ask yourself: What am I willing to put at stake to achieve the change I want? Do you need professional help, additional manpower, new equipment, training programs, and so on? Only after identifying the answers to these questions will you have a complete picture of how feasible change would be for your organisation.


When implementing your change, it needs to be clearly communicated to the people at all levels of your organisation. Engage the people in your business to share their views on the change process. Agreed targets and objectives need to be documented in order to measure the success of the planned changes. Gaining the commitment of your team is crucial to the success of this process.

Chris Mason (L), Chairman and Founder of Mindshop group of companies, awards the Rising Star Award to Greg Gunther at this year’s Mindshop Conference in Brisbane.

We are currently embarking on some significant changes at Greg Gunther and Associates. Last year, we welcomed a new employee, Liza, to our team. We have been refining our business model in order to identify where potential clients and leads will come from.  We have now a more structured business model that we can easily articulate and a value proposition which is more clearly defined. As recognition of the progress we have made, Greg Gunther was awarded this year’s Rising Star Award at the recent Mindshop conference in Brisbane. Indeed, change has its uncertainties, but it also has its rewards for those who recognise its value and are ready to meet the challenges head on.

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