Do you remember a specific moment when your business performed at its best? When you topped the sales quota for the month due to an influx of repeat customers? Or that time when your accounts team were able to close a large deal? Or maybe that moment when a new prospect came into your business saying she was referred by a friend?

We all have some awesome moments in business. The challenge is how do we sustain the momentum? How do we leverage the things we do well? Or better yet, how can we use our strengths to create more opportunities?

Let’s look into how we can pinpoint our strengths and the opportunities we can create with them. In a services firm for instance, we identify the following:


  • A significant number of people like the way we deliver our services;
  • Our team knows our customers and their needs well;
  • Our team has a wealth of relevant experience in our industry.


  • Most of our customers are now adapting to mobile technology;
  • Some of our customers regret moving to another firm;
  • We have some great product ideas to complement our current service delivery.

The process does not stop at identifying our strengths. We need to know how we can put them into action and translate this towards greater returns. By reviewing our strengths and looking at how they can be used to leverage the opportunities the following ideas emerge:

  • Develop a product that solves a customers’ problem, helps them grow and as a result you will sell more to your existing customers?
  • Leverage your knowledge of your customers’ needs and team up with those more confident in selling;
  • Your website needs to reflect that you are focused on innovation and creating success for your customers;
  • Contact your best customers at least monthly and do this in a structured way;
  • Train your people in profit improvement and growth creation;
  • Plan to spend at least 20% of your time out of the office talking to customers about their
    needs and aspirations. It will help you better understand your customer’s issues and
  • If your ability to close the sale needs improvement, why not invest in training to help your key people to do this in a professional manner.

These are just a few ideas for using your strengths to leverage your opportunities. The possibilities are endless. Why not try this process in your business for a three-month period, with a monthly review of what you have achieved, what you have learned and what you need to do differently in the following month? Sustaining those winning moments in your business relies heavily on your ability to build upon your strengths.

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