All of your employees need to ensure that customer expectations are met, but what happens if your business is compromised by employees who are not able to fully deliver a valuable customer experience? Are your employees aligned to deliver your brand promise? 

Delivering your brand promise is not only the responsibility of the marketing assistant, the front desk personnel, or the business owners.  All the people in your organisation define the brand experience at every touch point. It is everyone’s responsibility therefore to ensure that they are providing a quality customer experience.

We spend a great deal of time, effort and money telling potential customers what makes our business great, but we often overlook the need to spend time, effort and money giving our employees the benefit of the same information. Delivery of the brand promise needs to start with your people first and foremost.

Your people need to fully understand your business. They need to see and comprehend how their specific duties contribute to the overall image of the organisation. Only then can they embrace the brand and develop a culture of living the company’s mission.

Encourage your people to give feedback, suggestions and insights on issues that matter to them. Give them a sense of ownership to engage and empower them to use their initiative to help in shaping a memorable customer experience.

For most organisations, especially in the service industry, the employees are the heart and soul of the business as they are the ones delivering your brand promise. What are your plans to better equip your people to deliver your brand promise every time a customer walks through your door?

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