Regardless of what business sector you are in, it is becoming more and more competitive and getting the right referrals can be challenging. Most businesses are inclined to maintain close relationships with professional organisations in their area in the hope of getting referrals. However, they need to do more than ‘collecting alliances’ as it will not necessarily provide the referrals they are expecting.

 To obtain the right referrals, there is a need to maximise your client influencers. Identify the 20% of your client influencers which are capable of bringing 80% of the referrals. Add more value and establish a mutual relationship with these client influencers. This connection needs to be preserved and further improved by providing them with equal opportunities and referrals.

Adopting a referral process is an important aspect of your business. Make sure your target market and sales offering is clear to your client influencers and keep them abreast of your latest business developments and services. Consider joining a business referral network with like minded professionals. The benefits of such alliances are often underestimated and can often lead to unexpected sales through word of mouth marketing. Strategic relationships can be formed with business people who share their ideas, knowledge and experience which can ultimately benefit your business.

Client influencers can be your colleagues, your suppliers and your existing clients. Keep in mind that in the long run, no matter how many client influencers you have, it is always the ability to deliver quality products and services that serve as the best referral process for your business.

Does your business have a process on increasing referrals? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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