All businesses have a process for generating sales, it is the core of doing business. Regardless of the industry or the market we are in, selling all boils down to one common denominator – to be able to convince people of the advantages and strengths of our goods, services, products, ideas and solutions.

Consumers are aware of this and selling can sometimes be confused with manipulation. Sometimes there is a feeling that at every touch point, businesses are just out there to meet their sales agenda and the entire sales process can be perceived as a gain primarily for the business not the consumer.

We know our products and services so well, we understand their strengths and limitations. We know the issues our market is facing so we make every effort to connect with our customers to give them the solution to their needs and problems. In order for our business to thrive, we need to be very good at selling. But selling is more than just closing the deal, it means helping people make decisions that will benefit them.

If we help someone else, we will also benefit ourselves. This extends the essence of doing business from the opportunity to the responsibility of selling to people who would most benefit from our products and services.

At every selling opportunity today, did you think there was a clear return on investment for the buyer? How did you help your customers make a decision that would benefit them the most?  Was it a win-win situation for you and your customers? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section.

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