What is your business as a whole really known for? Defining and delivering your brand promise is very important for the success of any small business. A brand promise is a fusion of the expectations you set with your customers and the actual customer experience with your product or service, thus creating impressions of your business.

However, most business owners tend to forget one key point: their brand promise needs to be consistent with their image in the market. Imagine a small business that has invested a lot of time and effort into creating a great image for their branding. They’ve launched an attractive logo and a comprehensive website to make an impression to their potential clients. While the efforts on defining and building your brand are important, it is also equally crucial to deliver your commitment. Promoting a business as being innovative and socially responsible will prove futile if the business itself offers nothing valuable for your customers.

Social responsibility needs to be proven by getting involved in the community. Selling or promoting oneself comes with the responsibility of delivering your brand promise, otherwise your branding is nothing but ornamental. Stay true to your brand.  This would create a clear, holistic and valuable output for others.

Ensure that all people in the business are engaged in delivering this promise of creating quality customer experience that fosters loyalty. Keep yourself abreast of what your business is known for in the community you serve. This would help you strategise where to align your efforts in running your business in the years ahead.

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