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Mastering Effective Delegation

The every day grind of running a business can seem to takeover your time, consequently you can sometimes find yourself working more in your business than on it. While this might help your business grow, it leaves little room for improving your business so it can go beyond what you may have first imagined! Our upcoming Q&A webinar is targeted at helping you become a more efficent and effective leader so that your business can not only function, but thrive! If this sounds appealing and you want to take your team and your business to the next level, this webinar is for you. 

Q&A: How to Get Your Business to Run Without You | Tuesday 27th February 10am - 10.30am 

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When you're running your own business, it can all become a little overwhelming. Your business is growing and you're taking on new team members, new clients, and sometimes upgrading to new locations! With little training and experience, it can be hard to see the potential for your business to be more than what it already is. That's why we've created this webinar. In it, you will learn: 

  • How the "leverage"mindset can help you run your business 
  • How to delegate effectively and choose the right people for the task 
  • Which tasks to let go of to grow your business 

"The first rule of management is delegation.
Don't try and do everyting yourself, because you can't."
-Anthea Turner 

Sometimes it can be difficult to let go a little and delegate to your team, but in the long run it allows you time that you would otherwise not have to dedicate to improving your business. Knowing which tasks you can delegate and which tasks must be done yourself is a key skill rarely taught, leading to sometimes steep learning curves for new managers. We believe that this webinar will be an invaluable resource to budding and established managers alike, because the key to running a business is to work smarter, not harder. 

If you struggle with delegation or knowing what the next step in your leadership journey is, join us on Tuesday, 27th of February. We believe we can empower you to be the best you can be, and make sure you stick around afterbecause there will be an interactive Q&A session where you can learn more and tailor your knowledge to your experience.

Can't make the live session? Still register and we will send you the session recording so you don't miss out! 

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