Walk The Talk

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – Carl Jung

This quote by Carl Jung is used in motivational speeches and business manifestos around the world, but how many of us are truly applying these words to our professional lives?

We believe many leaders are unknowingly harming their businesses by neglecting this advice. How often do you make a promise and not follow through on it, leaving a client or employee disappointed and feeling like you’ve let yourself down?

If you struggle to walk the talk in your business, here are 4 ways you can make a change.

  1. Choose a core team of people who share your values and company vision.

    It’s important to reward employees who continually reflect your company values. While it’s easy to prioritise the team members who have the best sales figures, if they aren’t also representing your values then clients will struggle to understand what your business is about. Over time this can hurt your client relationships and subsequently your bottom line.

  2. Follow the rules and policies you set for your employees.

    Running a business is all about leading by example. This means if something is expected of your employees, it should also be expected of you. If you ask your team to turn up to work on time in a dress code, you need to set the right example by doing so yourself.

  3. Encourage and accept constructive feedback from your team.

    If you give constructive feedback to your employees, why not let them return the favour? Two-way communication is vital in a healthy business, so if your employees have any issues or concerns they need to feel supported to express them in a constructive way. You’ll find they often have valuable feedback that can lead to a better working environment for all.

  4. Expect the same from yourself as from your employees.

    A good leader sets the tone for the rest of their team. If your employees are expected to meet targets of how much they produce, sell or do then you should hold yourself to the same standards. While your tasks may look different to theirs, you need to hold yourself accountable for reaching the same standard as the rest of your team.

We believe every company needs leaders who walk their talk. You cannot expect something from your employees that you are unable or unwilling to give yourself. If you do, your people will quickly lose respect for you as a leader and your company will suffer as a result.

At Your Business Momentum we are committed to doing what we say – sometimes more, never less. We believe it is important to walk the talk in your business as it shows your integrity, commitment and care for your clients and staff.

If you aren’t walking the talk in your business, make a change today. Why not recommit to practicing your company values, or choose one area that you’re struggling in and set clear expectations for yourself to meet?

When you walk the talk your employees will notice and your company will begin to thrive again.

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