Thank you for joining us at Queensland Small Business Week 2018

Thank you for joining our online events at the Queensland Small Business Week 2018!

Queensland Small Business Week 2018 (QSBW 2018) celebrated the vital contribution small business makes to Queensland's vibrant economy with over 160 events being held around the state, supported by more than 6000 participants.

As part of this event, the team at Your Business Momentum hosted three 30-minute webinar series to give small business owners the opportunity to gain helpful insights and learn new techniques for growing and improving their business.

See below to watch or download the webinar recordings and slides presentations from last week’s sessions.

Q&A: How to Get Your Business to Run Without You

Sometimes running your own business can be a little overwhelming. Your business is growing and you're taking on new team members, new clients, and sometimes expanding to new locations! With little training and experience, it can be hard to see the potential for your business to be more than what it already is.

Q&A: How to Drive Your Team to Perform at Their Best

Imagine this: you’ve just arrived at the office and it looks like it will be another busy day. Before you’ve even sat down, one of your team walks into your office and asks for your help with the first customer they are seeing that day.

Once you’ve sorted out that problem, one of your admin staff approach you asking if you have time to assist them with a project that’s due by the end of the week. By the time you’ve finished with these tasks, it’s already several hours into the day and you are behind on your own responsibilities.

If you find yourself in situations like this often, you need to learn how to train your team members to take responsibility and accountability for their own tasks instead of coming to you immediately.

Q&A: Adapt your leadership style to bring out the best in your people

We believe one of the most overlooked responsibilities of a leader is to grow their people. Is it possible that, despite good intentions, you’ve been accidentally diminishing the people on your team? 
Consider this: a manager who regularly steps in to solve problems for their employees is offering only a short-term solution. Intervening in tough situations too often may actually be de-motivating and restrict the long-term growth of your staff - especially if they’re millennials. 

Are you creating an environment where people are eager to learn and grow, even throughout challenges, or are you accidentally limiting your team’s personal and professional success? 

Q&A: How Can You Harness the Power of Millennials in your Business?

Millennials currently account for 35% of the Australian workforce and are set to reach 75% by 2030. This emerging generation is gradually changing the way businesses manage their workforce.

As businesses compete for top talents from the millennial pool, is your business geared to attract, develop, and retain young workers?