Virtual Assistant & Staff Outsourcing Solutions

Why you need to be outsourcing

Today in business if you’re not automating what you can and outsourcing what you can’t, then you will be left behind competitors who are. 

You’re losing time, money and the freedom you crave - not to mention the missed opportunity of doing the juicy stuff, like growing and scaling your business!

Staff outsourcing (or using virtual assistants) allows you to leverage the incredible talent available and drive your business forward at a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining local staff. 

We’ve been outsourcing and working with virtual assistants for years – that’s why we know it’s all worth it!

And the best part? As business owners, we now spend less than 5% of our week on admin and love the freedom and flexibility this gives us to focus on the things we enjoy doing in our business. 

Listen to how having offshore team members has helped Greg and Joshna to grow and expand Your Business Momentum.

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How to successfully outsource staff

One of the gaps that exist in most businesses, is a quality onboarding and induction process. 

This gap broadens even further when a virtual team member comes on board because the following happens:

  1. There is no face to face contact.
  2. Culture and language can present a barrier.
  3. We expect this person to pick up and run with our way of doing things in the business.
  4. There isn’t a lot of structure in how we bring them on board to help them settle in.
  5. In this digital world, we have lost the art of communicating effectively with our team.

To minimise these challenges, we offer a staff outsourcing service that streamlines the process and ensures that you not only find adequately qualified virtual assistants but you also receive a structured onboarding process.

We understand the challenges that small businesses face, including recruiting and retaining the right people, managing cash flow and the huge opportunity that outsourcing can create in your business.

Our staff outsourcing service will help you to find a dedicated offshore team member and help them to settle into your business and team, quickly and efficiently. This is a great option to save yourself some money and experience a stress-free recruiting experience.

So if you’re not currently outsourcing but considering the possibility, let’s talk.

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