Joshna Daya


Joshna Daya

Joshna Daya


Favourite Business Thing: Creating the best experience possible for clients
Favourite Sports Team: The Boks
Best Holiday Ever: Italy. The Amalfi Coast is heavenly
Hobbies: Music makes my world go round.
Proud Moment: Being a part of history – The 1994 Presidential Election of Nelson Mandela.
Favourite Movie or Book: Frida – I am so inspired by her persistence and amazing talent.
Life Goal: To be the best I can be in anything I do.
Favourite Quote: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some compassion, some humor and some style - Maya Angelo

No stranger to difficult times, having grown up with social and political unrest in South Africa, Joshna developed an inherent belief that if she worked hard she would be able to succeed in whatever she put her mind to. In 1995, she made an all-important yet difficult choice to immigrate to Australia and build a career that set her on the path to be a leading female business coach.

A female business coach helping you realise your potential

Upon arrival in Australia, as a temporary resident, the first challenge was not being able to study for 3 years. Joshna worked at every opportunity until she was able to study. This then started the journey of learning more about people and what influences their behaviour through a Bachelor of Behavioural Science. This then progressed to a career in financial services for 10 years. In this time, Joshna began to work with business owners to help them realise their potential and succeed.

Joshna understands that a business owners greatest fear is failure. As a mum and business owner, Joshna knows first hand the challenges of juggling many hats. 

Joshna is highly regarded for her business coaching and consulting working with clients throughout Australia. She is an action taker who helps business owners achieve real results through keeping them focused and highly accountable

A business mentor can set you on a clear path

In 2016, Joshna became a Director and Co-Founder of Your Business Momentum. Using a growth mindset, YBM helps business owners across Australia break free from the daily grind of running their business. Their specialised business coaching assists small business owners to increase freedom, build their business asset and boost profitability using the Momentum System.

Joshna works closely with her clients to really understand what motivates them in their business and personal lives, and helps them to improve their mindset to create the success they dream of. She works with business owners who are experiencing poor team performance, lack of direction, low-profit margins, lack of freedom and inability to expand. 

With over 10 years’ experience in working with and developing small business, Joshna is an expert at helping clients comprehend the truths of their business, and developing a clear path to a healthier way of business. 

On a mission to impact 1000 Australian businesses

Joshna was proudly part of the 1994 election of South African President Nelson Mandela. She was a vote counter who spent 7 days and 7 nights counting votes to realise one of the greatest events in history - the first ever democratic election in South Africa.

Joshna knows first hand the blood, sweat and tears business owners put into their business everyday. She loves to share her knowledge and expertise through speaking, workshops and coaching to help business owners break free from the daily grind of business life and to live a life that they love.

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