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Business Process Mapping - Is It A Waste Of Time?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘business process mapping’ thrown around, but like many people, may not know what it actually means?

The art of business process mapping is to map out or break down a task, workflow or process. Mapping out processes for your business can help to streamline different areas within your business and make them more efficient too.

You and your team will then be able to get tasks done more quickly, and ultimately help you to grow and fast-track your business success.

Despite these benefits, you may be thinking to yourself, “my business has survived and even grown this far without having any processes mapped. Is it really necessary?”

Yes, it is. Business process mapping can help you to grow your business faster than not having processes mapped out. Do you really want to be left behind and have your competitors forging ahead, by not doing something that you could easily implement in your business?

Being organised and having processes seems boring though, right? And unless you are one of those “types” of people, it seems like it would be a painful experience.

So you quickly come to the conclusion that it is far easier to avoid setting up processes in your business and mapping them out. After all, as humans that's what many of us are programmed to do, take the easy road.

But if the big end of town invests in the project of mapping processes, why should you miss out?

What do you mean by process mapping?

Process mapping is breaking down a task or workflow. You probably already have a number of systems or processes within your business. However most times they are fairly loosely put together, and with some fine-tuning and the processes efficiently mapped out, your business could become a well-oiled machine in no time.

How do I know if I need process mapping for my business?

Most businesses can notice big changes to their business if they invest in process mapping. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following, then there’s a high chance that investing in process mapping for your business will greatly improve these areas.

Does your business suffer from:

  • Unproductive staff
  • Capability gaps
  • Mistakes and errors
  • Inconsistency in delivery
  • Higher costs due to waste in the business
  • Being heavily reliant on the owner or a few key people
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Do you want to invest in systemising your business? We could help you take the first step by taking our 2-minute Systems Strength Test! Click here to start.

What are the benefits of process mapping?

There are many benefits to your business through process mapping, including:

  • Adding immediate value to the sale value of your business
  • Reduction in waste and inefficiencies across the business (on average this is estimated to see productivity improve by 25%)
  • Gives clarity to team members on how to complete tasks, which in turn should reduce errors, rework and downtime
  • They are a key resource used to onboard and train new employees, and should lead to the new staff being productive in the business much faster
  • Shares knowledge and facilitates the delegation of responsibility (i.e. the business owner can pass over responsibility to other people)
  • Identifies elements of the business that could be automated, increasing efficiency, improving customer service and reducing costs
  • Protects the business against a significant loss of knowledge when long tenured staff leave
  • When processes are updated regularly and trained consistently across the business, they remain up to date, and it is easier to create a culture where staff are constantly looking for continuous improvement.
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How can process mapping help your business?

Process mapping can help you to fast track your business success. Mapping out the processes for the various workflows and tasks in your business can take a significant investment of time but the benefits far outweigh the initial time required.

As business coaches and consultants, mapping out processes is a recommendation that we always provide. We strongly believe that every business needs to have strong processes to have a successful and more efficient business in the long term.

two person discussing with flow on a whiteboard

Getting help to create process maps in your business

If, like many business owners, you feel like mapping out all the processes and workflows in your business seems overwhelming, you’re not alone.

It can seem like a daunting task, but we know firsthand the benefits to a business’ success by implementing process mapping. If you need help in creating process maps in your business, then the team at Your Business Momentum are the action takers that you need. We get in, train your team how to do this effectively and support them through the entire process.

Despite the initial overwhelm, the longer you wait to implement process mapping in your business, the longer you will have recurring issues with errors, inconsistencies, wastage and potential loss of key staff who may take important knowledge with them (that hasn’t been mapped out or written down).

Improve your processes and improve your business

By taking action and mapping out the processes in your business, you will improve your business. One of the greatest benefits that many business owners share with us after they map out their processes is that their staff become less reliant on them. Mapped processes allow other team members to take on additional responsibility, allowing the business owner to actually take an extended break away from the business. For many businesses, it may be the first time in a long time that they have been able to do this. And we bet that you’d love that for your business too.

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