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Guest Post: Finding Purpose

We wear multiple hats in our life. Friend, parent, partner, business coach. And even more so as business owners and entrepreneurs.

As we constantly flick one hat for the next throughout our day, the back and forth between roles we play, our energy divides and this can create tiredness or a sense of overwhelm. 

I know that although I could work 12 – 14 hour days in the early years of my business, my steam started to run dry after a while. So, I chose a different metaphor, instead of feeling like I was putting on a different personality as I moved between technician, manager, and entrepreneur in my long days, I chose to see these elements of who I needed to be from one larger than life persona. 

I found the way to do this was to constantly tap into the purpose of what I was doing.

Our purpose not only gives us a clear focus and sense of direction, it also helps to solidify all that we do. My purpose became the driving force behind every staff review, budget meeting, policy update and time with our clients. 

Everything seemed to flow better, I no longer felt like I was launching for my hat stand as I shifted from meeting to consulting to class to writing books…. Energy poured out of me as I flowed from different elements of running and working in my business from the one state of mind. 

This mindset crosses over all areas of our lives. As a parent my one goal is to support my children to become thriving adults. This one purpose creates a bond between all the actions I take, I prepare nourishing meals to help them thrive, I create boundaries to help them thrive and I support them with love and compassion, again, to help them thrive. 

We can use this sense of purpose to unite our daily actions, propel us faster in the direction we are heading and enjoy the ride far more. This mindset helps the most mundane element of our business to become exciting as we fuel ourselves with a sense of purpose.

So, what do I mean by sense of purpose?

This all dawned on me one day as I typed quite aggressively on my keyboard. I was watching the clock as I only had an hour to work on our updated policies and procedures manual before my next client appointment which led straight into teaching classes. The latter parts of my day certainly excited me more than what I was currently doing, I was not enjoying the process at all. It felt tedious to document how to open of a morning. 

I caught myself and my crabby attitude and rolled my chair away from my desk to gain a little clarity. I thought about how my choice to perceive this task as ‘un-fun’ was making it, well, more un-fun. 

I thought about what this document meant for my business. It meant that my staff would feel confident in what to do when I’m not around. I thought about how much time it will free up for me as all their questions could be found in this bible I was creating for them. It mapped out the customer journey, how I wanted each person to feel as they entered our doors. It was the blueprint of my strongest values and beliefs and the reason I opened my business in the first place. 

I rolled my chair back to my desk after this epiphany and my hand danced across the keyboard as I felt inspired to create a how to guide to give a sense of belonging to each person that walked in our doors, my staff included. 

The task became enjoyable after that moment. I fuelled myself every day to be the change I wanted to see in the world. My sense of purpose created a thread between each compartment and helped me stay in flow and preserve energy. 

Our purpose is the driving force behind our values and beliefs. It’s the reason we chose to do and be all we’ve decided for ourselves.

wooden road sign

If you’re unsure what your purpose is, a great way to uncover it is to grab a journal and pen. Sit somewhere you feel calm and connected to nature and close your eyes. Feel your feet grounded on the earth and take long deep breaths. Become aware of the minute pause between inhalation and exhalation (this helps to narrow your focus). Then ask the question, What is my purpose? Take a long deep breath and allow yourself to freely write what comes up. You may get an instant answer or you may need to write a little before you uncover your underlying drive of all you do.

‘Our purpose is the driving force behind our values and beliefs. It’s the reason we chose to do and be all we’ve decided for ourselves.’

It truly is as simple as that. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t feel clear after your first sitting. If we’ve been quite stressed or distracted with to do’s, this process may take a few attempts as you slowly calm the mind.

I encourage you to keep your purpose front of mind, regardless if you’re happily creating in your business or if you’re tidying up a mess, your purpose will help make your day fun and aligned with who you truly are.

Good luck friends!


  • Melinda Carbis-Reilly

    Melinda Carbis-Reilly

    Melinda is a Naturopath, Author, Reiki Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Coach.

    With over two decades in health and wellness, Melinda has created a wellness centre, four books, multiple online programs and membership programs to support those who know there’s something more to life than the daily grind.

    Her latest passion is fictional tales exploring the mystical world that we sense but don’t necessarily understand. All her work is centred on one philosophy… to be the change she wants to see in the world.

    Her work is always uplifting and thrilling.

    Get your copy of her new fiction tale, Becoming, an uplifting story of love and faith. You may also connect with Melinda through Facebook and Instagram and her website at

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