Get your business future-fit

Change is inevitable in business. Regardless of whether you intend to expand, sell, or exit in the next five year or in years to come, you must plan and protect your business against unexpected events.

Planning early will enable you to achieve maximum value and act on your terms, whilst protecting your wealth.

Along with advisors from Pilot Partners and Koda Capital, watch as Your Business Momentum Directors and Founders Joshna Daya and Greg Gunther discuss strategies, key considerations and common pitfalls for businesses looking to expand, avoid stagnation, plan an exit strategy or sell their business.


In this webinar recording, we will give the tools you need to help you prepare your business for a future sale, exit or expansion whilst achieving maximum value.


Learn how to manage the plan. In this video recording, we will reveal the most effective structures, investment strategies and due diligence required for these transactions.


You have executed your business plan successfully, now what? Many options are available to you to maximise wealth. In this episode recording, we uncover the common pitfalls and mistakes clients make when structuring or investing.

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