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Feet First Is Here! Want To Read The First Chapter?

For the last eleven months, I’ve been working on an important project. You may have heard a little bit about it already, but I’m excited to officially announce the launch of my book Feet First, written with my friend Troy Parsons.

This book tells the story of two ordinary people who overcame their struggles to achieve success. It’s the story of how Troy and I learnt to take back control of our lives after failures, and both went on to build businesses we are proud of.


Who’s Troy?

Troy Parsons is the owner of The Podiatrist, one of Queensland’s largest and most successful Podiatry clinics.

When I first met Troy nine years ago his situation was very different. He was struggling emotionally and financially, and one honest cry for help was all it took for me to identify deeply with his journey. Although I didn’t know much about Podiatry at the time, I realised I could draw upon my own experiences to help Troy. What followed that meeting has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life.

Neither of our stories are unique - too many people go through life feeling suffocated by their past failures. The only difference is that Troy and I have found ways to overcome our mistakes and create the futures we once dreamed of.

We wrote Feet First to share the lessons we’ve learnt from our own journeys. We hope you will be inspired by our stories and encouraged to avoid making the same mistakes we have.

When can we read Feet First?

Feet First is being launched exclusively in Australia at The Podiatry Hive 2020 Conference today.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, you can read a sneak peek of the first chapter here!

Whether you’re struggling or successful in business, we believe there’s something for you in this book. We can’t wait for you to read it.

P.S. Not based in Australia? Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn to find out when Feet First will be coming to you!

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