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Here’s Something About Me That May Surprise You…

 You probably know me as the entrepreneur and strategist behind Your Business Momentum. However, it's taken me many years and setbacks to reach this point of success.

The first business I ever launched quickly failed due to my lack of experience and research. I lost everything including my home, my savings and my pride. The sense of failure I felt at that time was hard to recover from, but one day I came to an important realisation.

While setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of life, they don't have to determine our future. I had a choice to make – continue to feel sorry for myself, or take control of my situation and begin to move forward. Everything changed the day I had that epiphany.

As I began to rebuild my life, I learnt that there is no such thing as a true failure. Failures are only lessons waiting to be learned.

Armed with these insights, I am now able to help others build momentum in their businesses and move towards their goals. My own experience has allowed me to see potential in others when they can't see it in themselves, and it's that knowledge that I use to identify the appropriate growth and development strategies for each business I work with.

Have you experienced a setback or reached a plateau in your own business? Through collaboration and connection, I believe you too can move past it.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some more of the lessons I've learnt throughout my three decades of self-employment and business development. I hope sharing these experiences will encourage you to move past your failures and let your passion for success propel you into the future.

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