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How A Healthy Organisational Culture Can Result In Increased Profits

How A Healthy Organisational Culture Can Result In Increased Profits

An organisational culture gradually develops over time and it is vitally important to the success of your business. As it is developing employees and business owners learn what is working and what is not. If a company sticks to a culture that once helped them prosper but is now outdated, they may have to face not-so-positive consequences. Doing what has ‘always been done’ is not a good idea in today’s fast-paced business world; it simply kills innovation causing the organisation to stagnate. When earnings go down and the company faces problems, managers often concentrate their efforts on the upper-level problems and not the deeply rooted cultural dilemmas.

Organisational culture affects the earnings of a company more than one can imagine. Poor staff morale and lack of motivation will affect productivity. Seeds of future failure are being sown if a healthy culture is not promoted within the organisation. Involving employees in decision making, asking for their feedback and improving the corporate environment are important aspects of nurturing a positive culture in your business. Actively investing in your employees, encouraging them to share their ideas and creating a cheerful workplace leads to organisational success. But nurturing a positive culture is more than a feel-good sentiment. When your people are well taken care of they feel appreciated and are more likely to enjoy their work. When they have an enthusiastic outlook, it will create a positive ripple effect that will reach all the way to your customers.

There are steps that need to be taken to build a more effective culture. If you’re wondering how to get your corporate culture back on track, here are some hints to help facilitate the process:

  • Accept and improve is the way to go. Detect where the culture of your company has failed and work harder on that part of the culture for greater financial benefits.
  • Start communicating more with your people, ask for their opinions and if they are beneficial, act on them. Good communication is never wasted.
  • Letting go of past cultures that are no longer working is undoubtedly another necessary requirement for attaining success.
  • Encouraging and helping people to cope with the new culture is the final step. Your business will prosper if each and every person shares and believes in the company’s culture.

Clarity and alignment – this is what an effective organisational culture is all about. Organisations that are able to articulate what they stand for inspire their people to work and dedicate themselves to the company’s bigger purpose, and thus serve as a great competitive advantage. And if done right, healthy profits will surely follow.

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