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How To Empower Your Team

Have you ever found yourself struggling to grow your business because you're too busy doing mundane tasks to focus on managing your team effectively? When challenges arise in the workplace, do you find yourself stepping in to address the problem yourself? Is your first instinct to tell your employees how to solve a problem rather than helping them find the solution? Do you feel the need to micromanage projects to ensure a positive result?

If these scenarios sound familiar you might be an accidental diminisher. This problem often arises in periods of growth, when you are learning to delegate responsibilities and trust your growing team. However, not allowing your employees to work to their full capacity can hinder your business' growth.
The solution is to become a multiplier - a leader who trusts their people to figure things out, gives them space to work through challenges on their own, and instils a sense of individual responsibility and accountability in their staff.

Firstly, you need to choose the right people for your team.
It’s important to put people in roles that they have the experience and capability to manage. When hiring new staff, consider if they are the best fit for your business and for the responsibilities that they will be given.

Once you’ve chosen someone who you believe will bring value to your business, it’s time to allow them to develop their talents and achieve their own success in the role you have designated for them.

Stepping in too quickly when problems arise can foster unnecessary dependency and demotivate your staff. This is especially true of millennials, who thrive on challenges and will feel underappreciated if they aren't allowed to work through issues on their own.

We believe that helping your team grow and develop their talents is one of the most overlooked responsibilities of a leader. How about you? How do you make the transition from diminishing to multiplying your people? Is it possible that, despite good intentions, you’ve been accidentally diminishing the people on your team?

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