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Not Sure If Feet First Is For You?

We recently introduced you to our book Feet First, which Troy and I are so excited to finally share with you.

Personally, I’m often a little skeptical of the bold claims made in self-help and business development books. That's why Troy and I didn't set out to write a book that would provide answers to every problem imaginable. Instead we've chosen to write about our personal experiences in the hopes that you'll learn from both our mistakes and our successes.

I believe this book is something special, but you don't have to take my word for it. I'd love for you to read what others are saying about Feet First.


Scott Charlton FCA, author of "Your Professional Headspace", says:

"Disarmingly frank and extremely relatable, Feet First provides an absorbing case study of business transformation and ultimately, achieving personal success. Illuminated through complementary perspectives, Feet First is a very human story that turns road map. The authors’ fascinating journey of self discovery will doubtless educate and inspire public practitioners and small business owners alike to reassess and improve their own situation."


Andrew Roberts, author of “What The Hell Are You Chasing?” and Business Mentor, says:

"Feet First is a really vulnerable look into the world of two amazing entrepreneurs. Troy runs a really successful Podiatry practice and Greg runs a very successful coaching business and both of them run an amazing business together helping health practitioners. For me, the book was real and honest. It shares the highs and the lows on the entrepreneurial journey and imparts you with significant wisdom about leading a life full of adventure and how to run a multimillion dollar business. The book is very unique and brings you on the journey before Troy and Greg meet, to the transformation Greg helped Troy experience running his podiatry practice, to the future of their new mission working together helping other companies experience the same shifts. Having coached business owners for 17 years, this book is refreshing with its honesty, and so impactful of useful tips and ideas to help you succeed not just in business, but also in life."


Doctor Bharti Rajput MBE PhD, award winning Podiatrist from Dundee, Scotland, says:

"Feet First written by Greg Gunther and Troy Parsons features the transparent journey of two aussie guys who set out to improve both of their lives through their respective businesses and inadvertently have influenced the podiatry profession on a global scale. When the book first arrived and I saw the title ‘Feet First’ I wondered how it would connect to the story and having read the book it made me realise that the important thing in life is to take that first step bravely overcoming that first initial fear which gives you the courage to take on the next. All podiatrists could most definitely benefit from reading this book. Too many of us can stay absorbed in the past however Greg and Troy’s story shows how one can use adversity as a way to move forward."


Joshna Daya, Director and Founder of Your Business Momentum, says:

"Feet First is so much more than a business book. It's a real life journey through failure and success that resonates with so many of us. This inspiring read appeals to all who have always searched for a way to be successful in both business and life. We CAN have it all. For me personally, it has taught me patience and calmness through life regardless of where we are in our business or personal journey. There will always be a way ​ through the toughest of times and we come out stronger, having grown more than we could have ever imagined."


Lauren Moore, International Manuscript Editor, says:

"This is the kind of book that sticks with you. Greg and Troy get completely transparent as they share their stories, allowing you to learn from their successes and failures and apply those lessons to your own life. Those changes made an immense difference in their own lives and could do the same for yours.”

After receiving such positive feedback from our friends and colleagues, we are confident that Feet First offers valuable insight to anyone wanting to build momentum in their business or learn how to move forward after failure."


If you're ready to achieve success, you can order Feet First now.

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