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Searching For A Business Coach? Here’s How To Find The Right Fit

Are you in search of a business coach? Someone to provide you and your business guidance and a strategy for success? There is one area in Australian business that is almost completely unregulated: business coaching. Anyone can claim that they are a consultant, mentor or coach. The key to signing on the right fit, is understanding which of those will accurately deliver benefit for your business.

While only a handful of business owners claim that you can successfully grow your brand flying solo, many business owners and entrepreneurs are hard-pressed when asked to identify a person that has had a major impact on their business growth, leadership skills and strategic direction. Many say that while they’ve happened upon these people accidently, they’ve never really been educated or made aware on how to source someone one who is the perfect fit.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur with limited time and are in dire need of a business confidante who can give you the tools to increase business growth whilst breaking free from the day-to-day grind, what questions do you need to ask before forming a relationship? Here are the two key questions to consider before agreeing to have coffee or lunch with someone who claims to deliver this success.

1. What do you want, and what do they have?

The two most recognised forms of professional development relationships are mentorships and business coaching. While these are very different, business owners need to think carefully about compatibility issues with both before they consider taking guidance. A mentorship can be formal or informal but is not usually a paid-for service, while business coaches request a fee to guide you through challenges and provide direction. The most important element to consider when making this decision, is knowing what you want out of the relationship.

2. What are you willing to do the hard yards on?

Business owners tend to admit that the whole process of finding other people to help them with their business direction and leadership skills has generally taken a lot of work – which is not necessarily a bad thing.

For coaching to be successful more broadly, business owners must be willing to do most of the work. This includes recognising when assistance is required and then acting early. Once the need has been identified, commence observing the coaching process as one that you will have to complement with your own actions, and perhaps with the help of a network of people, rather than just one person.

Most importantly, however, have an eye on what knowledge you plan on delivering during the mentoring or coaching relationship, and come prepared with information about where you might be able to learn this.

As a new breed of business catalyst, we don’t just guide from the sideline. We are an innovative business coaching company which helps businesses identify their strategy for growth and implement this from within.

Looking to break free from the day-today running of your business? Searching for results, not recommendations? 

Contact us now on (07) 3041 1131 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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