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Stop Shiny Object Syndrome In Business: Interview with Greg Gunther

Stop shiny object syndrome in the business

As a business leader, you often find yourself pulled in various directions, making it challenging to focus on your core goals for business growth and scalability.. However, if you can remove those distractions, you will be able to execute more effectively and quickly, transitioning from an idea or strategy to an action plan.

But how do you take away the distractions in business in order for you to get traction?

We invite you to listen to Greg's interview with David Jenyns, founder of SYSTEMology where he shares the true costs of distractions in a business and not executing the strategies, plus the proven and practical tips on how to overcome these distractions so you can focus on your business goals.

Throughout the conversation, Greg sheds light on:

  • The importance of removing distractions and focusing on executing ideas
  • Discussion about business waste and inefficiencies
  • Greg's belief in making business easier and focusing energy
  • Framework for overcoming distractions and focusing on strategy
  • Examples of a business successfully implementing systems and growing
  • Importance of role clarity and structured communication
  • Examples of an allied health sector business transformation
  • Transitioning from stress to business growth and legacy
  • The power of taking responsibility and change for success

"There's a differentiation between operations and strategy. A lot of our time is consumed by operations running our business and that’s what operations does. Strategy though is what shifts the business and a lot of people have great ideas, but they never really get beyond an idea because they’re busy operating."
— Greg Gunther

Watch the full interview here:

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