Strategies for learning from failure

No one likes to experience failure. It’s usually uncomfortable, causes you to overthink and often leaves you feeling embarrassed, a little lost or like giving up. But learning how to use failure to your advantage, as a stepping stone to success, will provide you with an edge that could see you achieve big goals and dreams that others don’t have the courage to go after.

Failure is the Key to Success

When you think of failing, it’s unlikely that your first thought is ‘I’m on track for future success’. However failure can be the key to success for many people, as it allows you to learn what works well, what doesn’t and how you can use a range of strategies to improve your performance in the future.

As a business coach, Greg Gunther has worked with many business owners and seen firsthand how stress and failure can impact people both personally and professionally. 

“I have seen many business owners enduring high stress levels in the uncertain times we’ve been facing with COVID-19. Having experienced many of my own personal and professional ups and downs, successes and failures, I have learnt there is always a solution to every problem. I feel fortunate for experiencing these life lessons, which have equipped me with an ability to connect with business owners, from all walks of life”.

Greg Gunther

Learning from your mistakes

A business owner’s greatest fear is failure. That their business won’t be successful and they’ll not only let themselves down, but their employees, friends and family too. This is an incredible weight of pressure to hold onto, and Greg Gunther has become extremely passionate about helping business owners remove this fear.

‘I understand this better than most, as many years ago I failed. I had to make a choice and was determined that the choice I made would not define me. I stood back up and spent the next 17 years building a business that resulted in a very successful sale. Since then, and over the last decade, I’ve been coaching and supporting business owners, spanning across over 20 different industries.’

It’s possible for anyone to learn from their mistakes. Here are some great ways that you can embrace failure and learn from your mistakes:

  • Admit when you make an error - everyone does it
  • Look for opportunities to change how you do things
  • Write down one way you could improve next time
  • Take responsibility for your actions, no matter how hard it seems
  • Consider how automation could assist in reducing mistakes
  • Look at ways to outsource tasks to reduce overwhelm

Watch this clip as Greg Gunther shares some insights on how you get over the negative emotions associated with failure and start seeing failure in a positive light.

How do you embrace failure and use it to succeed?

Learning how to embrace failure and use it to succeed in both your personal and professional life is a great skillset to develop. Learning from your mistakes is an important step in embracing failure, and can set you on the right trajectory to reach the success you desire. Instead of seeing your failures as insurmountable obstacles, it’s wiser to view them as invaluable growth opportunities.

You can reframe any failure in your life and turn it into a positive by engaging the right mindset, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and taking action and doing the work that is required.

Not everything in life is meant to be easy, but by acknowledging the failure, lessons or mistakes made, can assist in setting you free and preparing you for future success.

Check out this clip and see how business failures can end up contributing to the positive outcomes.

Use failure as a stepping stone to success

Without failure, there can be no success. No business owner has ever had everything run perfectly for them. There will be bumps in the road, twists and turns to navigate, but by changing your mindset and challenging your failures, your experiences will lead you to success.

If you’ve experienced failure in the past and are ready to work towards a successful future for yourself and your business, then our experienced business coaches can help you. They’ll guide you through the strategies mentioned, provide you with tools to help you navigate future challenges and keep you on a path to success. Get in touch for a free initial consultation today.

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